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What are the differences between a certificate of completion and a certificate of achievement?

We once issued a certificate of completion to each student who had completed all video lessons, exercises, and assignments in the program. You didn’t need to pass a rigorous exam to be eligible for this certificate; we only asked that you review all course materials available. 

We now issue certificates of achievement to meet the latest industry demands. Now, you can demonstrate your domain expertise with a course and career track certificate by passing rigorous exams on selected courses. In this way, we want to prepare you for the role of a data scientistdata analyst, and business analyst

Please note that both certificates are official 365 Data Science credentials that confirm your achievement. As such, they have no expiration date and are well-recognized by industry professionals. Feel free to use them as solid proof of your knowledge and a credible testament to your hard work. We strongly encourage you to share them with your LinkedIn network and other social media platforms. 

If you wish to verify a certificate issued by 365 Data Science, please go to Verify Certificate

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