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What’s the exam retake policy?

365 Data Science offers three types of exams: practice, course, and final exams.  

Note the following exam retake policy for each.

Practice Exams – You may retake such an exam as often as you want without restrictions, whether or not you watch the relevant video content.

Course Exams – Please note that you’re not obligated to watch all course lessons before your first attempt. But whether you pass or fail, you must watch at least 30 minutes of course-specific video content each time you wish to retake a course exam. So, if you’ve already passed a course exam but want to improve your best score, you must watch 30 minutes of course-specific video content to unlock it for a retake. Since we have your best interest at heart, we allow you to retake a course exam limitless times. 

Final Exams – You may retake the exam if you score below 60% (fail) on your first attempt. You must watch at least 30 minutes of video content from any of the seven required courses and two electives before retaking the final exam, which is how you unlock it for a second attempt. If you fail again, however, the final exam will remain locked for a period of three months before the platform allows for another retake. If your third try is also unsuccessful, you will be able to retake the exam for a fourth time after another three months have passed.

Our extensive course materials lay a solid foundation of knowledge, so we currently have no score improvement option for final exams. Once you pass a final exam (60% or above), your score becomes unchangeable. So, ensure you feel confident enough in your skills before clicking the Start Exam button.  

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