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Does the Certificate of Program Completion guarantee a job?

Completing our program and attaining the Certificate of Program Completion ensures that you’re equipped with the right skills to excel in a career within data science.

The Certificate of Program Completion is recognized by many employers and can be considered as a supplement to any application. However, we cannot help you with job placement upon completing the program or guarantee that you will be offered a job once you have earned your certificate.

While listing your credentials and your certificate as part of any application may enhance your chances of a successful interview, it’s reasonable to expect that other aspects of your expertise, personality, and employability will play a large part in your overall application. We recommend listing your certificate on all your professional platforms, including your CV or Resume, and if appropriate, in your cover letter as well.

For more information on the career paths you can take as a data scientist, read our Starting a Career in Data Science guide.

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