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Discover a content-rich data science curriculum designed to build your skillset from beginner to job-ready and help you achieve your data science career goals.

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5 Course Modules
Module 1 |

Data Science Fundamentals

17 courses

One of the strongest advantages of the 365 Data Science program is that it starts with the basics. Understand the field's most essential disciplines, including statistics, mathematics, and probability. Launch your learning journey on solid foundations with online data science courses to ensure you have the knowledge to tackle advanced topics.

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Module 2 |

Programming for Data Science

18 courses

To work with large quantities of data, you need suitable programming tools and knowledge of suitable programming and data visualization software. In this part of the training, we focus on SQL, Python, and Power BI. Even if you don’t have prior experience, you’ll learn to work with relational databases in SQL and leverage some of Python’s most popular libraries, such as NumPy and pandas. Moreover, you’ll gain the skills to build business reports in Power BI. The data science courses in this module will take your coding and data analysis skills to the next level.

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Module 3 |

Machine and Deep Learning

15 courses

Once you’ve acquired the necessary foundational skills, Module 3 will challenge your abilities with more complex topics like machine learning and deep learning. Our easy-to-understand explanations and structured approach empower you to perform machine learning in Python. You’ll also learn about neural networks and their application with TensorFlow 2. As standard, all data science courses in this module contain practical examples that bridge theoretical knowledge with real-life applications.

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Module 4 |

Advanced Specialization

23 courses

Do you wish to learn specialized subject matter related to data science applications in a particular field? Expanding on the statistical and programming know-how acquired in previous modules, our data science courses on Data-Driven Business Growth, Customer Analytics in Python, Product Management, Python for Finance, and AI for Business equip you with practical skills to create value for your company. In this part of the data science program, you gain industry-specific insights from proven experts, giving you a competitive edge on the job market.

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Module 5 |

Business Specialization

9 courses

The courses in this module provide invaluable business preparation that few realize they need to break into data science. Any data scientist worth their salt should understand what drives value for a company—including identifying key performance indicators, how business variables are interrelated, and what makes sense from a strategic point of view. You should be able to extract meaningful insights from data to recommend actionable adjustments that create long-term benefits.